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Top 5 Actions Our Washer Repair Pros Hope Families Take Before the New Year

San Antonio Washer Repair actions to take now.

washer repair

Follow these simple maintenance tips to extend the life of your washing machine.

With the New Year just ahead of us, our washer repair pros in San Antonio wanted to remind everyone that there are at least a handful of tasks that should be completed now. We know that everyone is distracted and therefore might not remember which actions should ideally be completed before the deadline. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to jot them all down in today’s blog post to help avoid the dreaded search for local appliance repair near you.  Read on :

1.) Check the Button Trap

Remember when the washer seemingly ate Junior’s lunch money as well as the buttons on your honey’s favorite shirt? Well, there is a good chance that both of those things, and a whole lot more, are sitting in your washing machine’s button trap. That’s why we’ve put cleaning the button trap at the number one spot on our top five list. For the most part, the traps are located behind an access panel at the foot of many modern day washers. Check your washer’s owner manual to find out the exact location of your model’s button trap or call us.

2.) Clean the Compartment Inserts

Most modern day washers also come with a series of removable compartments that when dirty or damaged, may negatively affect the machine’s performance. That said, the ones that our washer repair pros can’t fail to mention are the detergent and fabric softer dispensers. We’d suggest removing them from the machine and cleaning them first before inspecting for damages. Any damaged dispensers should obviously be professionally repaired or replaced.

3.) Decalcify the Tanks

Some, but not all washing machines, will need to be decalcified at the end of the year. Otherwise, salt and other minerals may clog up the washer’s inner workings. Typically, the washers that need to be decalcified come with a built-in cycle designed to get the job done. However, there are times when no built-in programs are present. So you may need to ask our washer repair pros to help walk you through the steps.

4.) Replace Inlet Hose Screens

On top of that, we’re recommending that families replace their washing machines’ inlet hose screens as well. Just like other areas of a washer, they have a nasty tendency to accumulate minerals and salt. In general, the screens are very cheap and take little effort to replace once or twice a year.

5.) Schedule Professional Service

Lastly, we’re urging all washing machine owners to schedule professional service at the end of each year. It’s a proactive way to help ensure that the machine won’t break down at inopportune times or cause water related damage to clothes, floors and baseboards. To find out more about which service times are available in San Antonio between now and the end of  2015, please contact us today for same day service appliance repair in Bexar County.


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