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Steam Dryer Repair Pros Can Help Homeowners Iron Out Problems in San Antonio

San Antonio dryer repair pros help with ironing.

dryer repair

Placing a steam dryer in an an appropriate area will cut down on many problems, including those related to mold, flooding, tripped breakers, and ineffective heating

It’s no secret that steam dryers remain in vogue across the nation. The benefits of steam drying are some of the primary reasons why the machines remain popular. One of the biggest is the ability to rediscover the joys of natural fibers while simultaneously being able to toss those handheld steamers, clothes irons and ironing boards to the curb. Of course, there are a few wrinkles that come with owning steam dryers too. Thankfully, our dryer repair technicians can help homeowners iron them out.  Call SoBellas for local Whirlpool dryer repair near me today in San Antonio.

Location related problems are among the easiest to solve. In general, in order to function optimally, steam dryers must be located in well ventilated, completely level, odor free areas that maintain a consistent temperature of 45ºF or better. There will also need to be an insulated, freeze proof water line running to the laundry room and a 240-volt outlet in place. Oh, and if the room is constructed with waterproof or water resistant drywall, it’s all the better.

Placing the dryer in an area that takes into account all of those things will help cut down on problems related to mold, flooding, tripped breakers, ineffective heating and the absorption of odors. It is also likely to help keep the steam dryer from walking or bouncing across the floor during operation.

Even if the steam dryer is in the ideal location, there are additional problems that may occur during its use. For example, the machine may not dry and remove wrinkles as expected. There may also be incidents of stains or lint showing up on the clothes as well as the dryer’s drum. In those instances, it may be necessary to professionally clean the steam dryer’s drum, lint trap and related duct work. Understandably, there may come a time when the steam dryer’s electrical system or other working components may also be to blame.

To speak with our dryer repair technicians about these and any other steam model problems that may be occurring in your home, please contact us.  For same day service appliance repair in San Antonio.  We offer appliance repair service as well as troubleshoot and repair of a wide range of equipment.

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