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A Standard of Luxury – Appliance Marketing and Appliance Repair

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A Standard of Luxury – Appliance Marketing
appliance repair

Every year appliance companies come out with new, exciting features that promise to cut the time you spend washing, drying, folding, ironing, soaking or defrosting in half. These products will increase your quality of life, make your neighbors green with envy and revolutionize the way you engage with your home – for a price. So, when your appliance breaks down a quick glance over the options available can leave you feeling a little… inferior. However, just because your current refrigerator is broken doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Its lack of features doesn’t make it obsolete, the truth is – not much has changed in appliance technology in the last decade.

Luxury Models

Feature-rich appliances look great on TV and in the stores. Set next to one, your standard model washer or stove looks like a cardboard box with knobs – and that’s exactly the idea. Just like vehicles, appliances have standard and “luxury” models. They both do the same things, be it washing your clothing, keeping your food cold or warming up last nights leftovers, but they look and feel different.

Where vehicles are marketed to differentiate between standard and luxury models, a car is a luxury purchase – an appliance is not. When companies create marketing campaigns for new appliance models, they receive a better reception when the luxury model is marketed as having the “newest technology”, not the “most luxurious handle shape”. Consumers who are attracted to luxury appliances want something that looks nice and feels like it is more advanced and higher quality than other models.


When your standard model appliance breaks down it is easy to be lured into thinking its time for an “upgrade”. However, don’t mistake the bells and whistles that come with a more expensive unit as the new gold standard. Very little has changed to the basic design and function of the appliances in your home.

When you compare standard appliances from ten years ago with their modern counterparts, you will notice how very little change has been made during this time. However, older luxury models will have been phased into mid-range models and replaced newer luxury products.

So, do the added features cut back on cleaning time or produce higher quality results? Yes – some of them do. The features on luxury model machines are not just sales gimmicks. Energy saving models do require less electricity to run, and ovens with better heat dispersion do produce a better overall product. However – how useful the extra features are to you and how often you will make use of them determines their actual value.

Cost of Ownership

All those bells and whistles can cost a pretty penny. In 2017 a new, luxury wash machine can cost you over $2000, while a standard version can be purchased for less than $350. However – repairing the machine you already have will likely cost significantly less than either option.

Replacing your machine with a new model, regardless of where it falls on the luxury scale, will almost always cost you more than fixing the machine you have. If you are considering purchasing a new machine you should consider the amount of money you will be spending on a new model and whether spending that extra money offers any significant value over repairing your current unit.

Do not be lured into purchasing an appliance that you can not afford. Some buyers may find themselves “settling” for cheaper models after falling in love with luxury ones, even though they can not afford either.


When your appliances break down, make sure you examine your motivation to buy carefully before you head out to the stores. It is likely that you can save a significant amount of money by repairing your current unit. Contact SoBellas online or by phone at 210-978-0890 for more information or to schedule your appliance repair service today in San Antonio, Texas.

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