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San Antonio Refrigerator Repair Team’s Tips for Dealing with High Humidity

San Antonio Refrigerator Repair

refrigerator repair

San Antonio Refrigerator Repair

It’s normal for the humidity levels in San Antonio, Texas, to start to climb at this time of year. So, our refrigerator repair team in San Antonio wants to remind families to expect days where the humidity level is between 40 and 100% to have an effect on their home’s appliances. That said, here’s a rundown on which problems may crop up with the family fridge and what can be done about them:

Interior moisture buildup is one of the first problems that arise when humidity skyrockets in San Antonio. It may show up inside the fridge and in between the door gaskets. Excess humidity could also cause the drip pan to overflow and the door gaskets to swell. Mold, mildew and odors may form too. Plus, the unit could fail to operate at peak efficiency.

If moisture buildup happens, wipe it away immediately and then consider doing one of four things. First, think about running the unit’s defrost cycle and emptying the drip pan thereafter. Sometimes, it will take care of interior condensation and overflow woes. Each fridge has its own defrost procedures and drip pan. Consequently, it’s important to check the owner’s manual before getting started.

Second, check the refrigerator’s temperature and adjust it up or down by one, if applicable. Keep in mind that after making an adjustment, it’s common for refrigerators to take at least a half a day to reach newly set temperatures. So, if the condensation problem persists after a few hours of making an adjustment, don’t panic. Give it 24 to 48 hours to rectify itself. While you’re waiting, clean the condenser coils and wipe away any water that builds up in the interim.

Third, remind the family not to open the door often during the hottest parts of the day and to avoid sticking hot items directly into the fridge. Doing either one can cause condensation to increase. This is especially the case in homes that are not climate controlled or properly insulated. In homes where there are young children present, consider upgrading to a unit that features in-the-door can racks, water and ice dispensers. They may help cut down on the number of times the refrigerator’s doors are open and shut.

Fourth, check your home’s cooling system and adjust its humidity controls. Remember that not all home cooling systems have built-in humidity controls. So, it may be prudent to buy a dehumidifier. It can lower the humidity in the home, which may minimize the amount of hot air entering the refrigerator during use. If despite it all, high humidity continues to cause havoc, please contact our local refrigerator repair team of San Antonio and schedule a service call for appliance repair near you. It may mean that there is something else wrong with the unit.

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