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Refrigerator Repair Pros in Texas Can Help Quickly Resolve Biofilm Woes

Refrigerator Repair San Antonio Texas checks out your water.

refrigerator repair

If you notice funky stuff floating in the water from your refrigerator’s dispenser, you might be dealing with biofilm.

So you’ve gone into kitchen and used the refrigerator’s built-in dispensers to get a refreshing drink of water. But as you raise the glass to your lips, you notice funky looking stuff floating around in the water and inside of the ice cubes. Maybe the material is pink, white, orange, brown or black. Either way, your first thoughts are likely to involve dumping out the water and calling our refrigerator repair technicians to assist with appliance troubleshooting and repair. And they’re smart thoughts too, because the floaters are likely biofilm.

Unless you spend your working hours hunched over, intent on analyzing the contents of petri dishes, the presence of biofilm is not a good thing. It signals that somewhere inside of your refrigerator is a thriving community of bacteria that’s been slowly releasing its byproducts into the appliance’s water lines. The color of the material is generally a good indication of which bacteria may be present. However, most of the time it is best to have refrigerator repair professionals take samples and send them off to other experts for in-depth analysis.

Of course identifying the organic enemies, and locating their hiding spots, aren’t the only actions required to get rid of the floaters. In the majority of instances, the refrigerator and its water lines will need to be deep cleaned and potentially replaced. It all depends on the amount of biofilm present and the extent of the damage. That’s right. Biofilm has a tendency to degrade certain materials over time (e.g. plastics) and may disrupt crucial, electrical connections that typically exist within a refrigerator’s housing unit. It may also buildup on the refrigerator’s moving parts, thereby causing critical mechanisms to intermittently or permanently stick together.

To learn more about why biofilm may end up in your drinking glasses and how to get rid of it, please contact our refrigerator repair team in San Antonio today for any Samsung refrigerators service repair.


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