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Refrigerator Repair: Did Your Morning Shuffle End with Wet Feet and a Mop?

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refrigerator repair

Still cleaning up in the kitchen after a leak in your refrigerator? We’ll determine what’s to blame for this morning’s puddle and fix it.

It’s early morning and you shuffle bleary eyed and barefoot to the fridge for your daily glass of orange juice. As you get close enough to put your hand onto the door handle, you suddenly realize that your feet are wet. When you look down in surprise, it’s evident that there’s a huge puddle of cold water on the floor and it starts at the base of the refrigerator. So you have no choice but to forgo the oj, mop up the mess and contemplate calling our local appliance repair  refrigerator repair team.

We’ve seen these types of puddles before and most of them trace back to the refrigerator’s water tank assembly, filter, inlet value, defrost drain or drain pan. Water tank assemblies, water filter housing and filter heads are known to crack, which allows water to escape and flow down onto the floor. When that happens, it’s best to forget about trying to patch them up with waterproof sealant and just buy new ones.

Drain pans can also crack but not as often. Most of the time, they’ll fill up with water and overflow when the condenser fan or coils go bad. Clogged defrost drains can cause the same problem to occur. They often seal up due to ice, dust, biofilm or insect activity. So unclogging them is generally a quick, easy fix.  This could help you avoid appliance repair service near me.

As for the intake values, they could be leaking for several reasons. For instance, maybe you recently installed a water softener or other device that caused the building’s water pressure to change. Perhaps the value’s rubber gasket dry rotted or the connections became loose. All three state of affairs could result in small to large water leaks.

If you contact us, local appliance repair team we’ll determine which of the afore mentioned components are to blame for this morning’s puddle. Then with your permission, we’ll fix them and help make sure that tomorrow’s stroll to the fridge is far less eventful and without any refrigerator repairs.


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