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Home AC Repair Service Warns Texans About Heat Related Illnesses

San Antonio Home AC Repair Service pros discuss heat related issues.

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Home A/C Repair Service Warns Texans About Heat Related Illnesses
Home AC Repair Service

Now that the most brutal part of summer is here, our home AC repair service staff wanted to warn everyone about the dangers of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Both have the potential to cause serious health problems for children and adults alike.

Heat exhaustion is generally considered to be the precursor for heat stroke. According to the Mayo Clinic, it starts to occur when a person’s core body temperature exceeds 98.6°F and stays above that level for an extended period of time. It becomes heat stroke when the temperature exceeds 104°F. Affiliated seizures tend to start at 106°F and death typically occurs at 109°F.

The time that it takes a person’s core temperature to reach that point is dependent on a lot of different factors. Among them are the person’s age, overall health, hydration level and ability to sweat. Case in point, take a look at the recent headlines about Texas inmates falling victim to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Some of the inmates were able to withstand the high temperatures inside of the buildings and others were not.

That said, the best way to avoid succumbing to heat related illnesses is clearly to remain in a cool environment. Our local heating and cooling companies home AC repair service technicians can help in that regard. We can provide routine, hands-on maintenance and sound advice as well as emergency air conditioning repairs when needed. For example, our home A/C repair technicians can help defrost air conditioners that may have frozen up due to problems with the system’s refrigeration or air flow. They can also change air filters, drain swamp coolers and more.

While our home AC repair service team in San Antonio is working on correcting the problem, there are additional steps Texans may take to cool down. These include taking cool showers, sitting in front of a working fan and staying hydrated. To learn more about how our local home AC repair service team may help reduce Texans’ risk of experiencing heat exhaustion and stroke, please contact us today.

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