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Dryer Repair Pros’ Tips for Handling Powder Down and Feathers

Dryer Repair San Antonio Pros and down feathers.

dryer repair

Dryer Repair Pros’ Tips for Handling Powder Down and Feathers

Powder down and feathers from America’s various bird populations have been used to make bedding, apparel and camping gear for years. And who could blame manufacturers for wanting to use one of nature’s greatest resources? The soft, little feathers help make the a fore mentioned items warm, cozy, long-lasting and luxurious. Unfortunately, our dryer repair pros of San Antonio know that powder down and feathers are also very dangerous. It’s their ability to catch fire when exposed to high heat that poses the utmost risk to our customers. With that possibility on our dryer repair pros’ minds, we wanted to share some best practices from our top rated appliance repair techs with our valued customers of San Antonio:

Don’t dry feather and powder down filled items on high heat. Instead, check to see if your clothes dryer has an air fluff temp setting. Air fluff temp settings generally do not require heat. They simply air dry and gently tumble the items around. The tumbling action helps to keep the feathers and down powder from sticking together and forming uncomfortable, small to large lumps.

If your dryer doesn’t have an air fluff temp setting, consider hanging it out to dry. Just remember to periodically refluff and reposition the items while they dry. Otherwise, the stuffing will clump up like we mentioned earlier. If you forget to fluff the items while they’re drying, you’ll need to make up for it before putting everything back into storage. Failure to do so could damage the items in the long run.

Should someone fail to heed house rules and toss the feather filled items in the dryer on high heat, stop the cycle immediately. Then remove the items from the dryer’s drum and examine the area for escapees. Remove any loose feathers and powder down before restarting the dryer. Afterward, make sure to schedule a dryer service call with us so we can check the vents and other areas that may be harboring lost feathers.

To learn more about removing feathers, powder down and other items that may cause a clothes dryer or dryer vent to catch fire, or for all your appliance needs by top rated local repair technicians, please contact us at SoBellas Home Services Appliance Repair San Antonio.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties, were just around the corner.


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