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Ask a Dryer Repair Pro: Why Do My Clothes Come Out Looking Like a Hot Mess?

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Are your clothes melting in the dryer? Your dryer may need to be repaired or even replaced, if it is an older model.

Have you ever placed a sweet new outfit into the dryer only to have it come out looking like a hot mess? If so, our dryer repair pros who provide same day service appliance repair can confirm that you’re not the first person to end up with melted clothes. And just because misery loves company, doesn’t mean that you need to remain part of the club either. Here’s why:

When a dryer turns clothes into a melted mess, the culprit tends to be one of two things. It’s either the machine or the clothing. When it comes to contemporary clothes dryers, there are a little more than a handful of items that can cause clothes to melt faster than an ice cream sandwich on the sidewalks of San Antonio. They are the cycling thermostat, heating assembly, heating element, blower wheel and felt seal. If they are all in perfect order, the problem may rest with the clothes themselves or have something to do with the age of the machine.

As any fire expert will tell you, all clothing has a melt or burn point that’s dependent on the materials used in their manufacture. Take those Spandex pants that some of the ladies like to wear to the gym. They’ll frequently melt when they reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar may be said for other synthetic fibers, like polyester and rayon. Contemporary clothes dryer manufacturers know this too. So they tend to keep their dryer’s temperatures somewhere in the 125 to 135 degree Fahrenheit range.

However, our dryer repair pros know that models constructed before the 1990s may have heat settings in excess of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s because at that time, most of the clothing worn by average Americans was able to withstand higher temperatures without sustaining damage. More often than not, those clothes were made from natural fibers, which have a strong tendency to burn instead of melt. In later years, as fashion designers started incorporating more heat sensitive materials into their wares, laundry appliance manufacturers had to adjust their designs too.

With all of that said, incidents of melted clothing may be avoided in several ways. For starters, you could change up your wardrobe, hang up a clothes line or buy a new dryer. You could also call on us to make sure that your existing one isn’t generating more heat than it should. To learn more about why your dryer may be turning clothes into a mess, please contact us for appliance repair near you.


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