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Appliance Repair Tips: Diagnosing a Shaky Washing Machine

San Antonio appliance repair and ones shaky washer.

appliance repair

If your washing machine is not leveled properly, your appliance will most likely rock as it cleans. Installing your machine on a sturdy floor can help stop leveling issues.

A loud, shaky washing machine can cause many San Antonio homeowners to wonder whether its time to purchase a new appliance. Luckily, that increased noise and movement is often generated by an easy to fix malfunction. To help you discover the problem behind your convulsing appliance, our top rated appliance repair experts listed three common issues, below.

Unbalanced Load

When your dirty clothes get bunched-up in your washing machine’s tub, an imbalance in your appliance’s rotation can occur. Unfortunately, an unbalanced rotation may cause your machine to shake, uncontrollably. To avoid this issue, simply distribute your laundry evenly before beginning a cycle. However, if you notice your appliance shaking in the middle of a wash cycle, stop its progress and re-position the wet clothing inside the machine. Once the laundry is properly spread-out, your washing machine should no longer cause a mini-earthquake in your home.

Leveling Mishaps

If your washing machine is not leveled properly, your appliance will most likely experience violent rocking as it cleans your clothing. Installing your machine on a sturdy floor, such as, concrete or hardwood can help stop leveling issues. Unfortunately, placing your appliance on a softer flooring material can make maintaining a level washing machine a bit more complicated. To find-out whether or not your appliance needs adjusting, simply place a leveler on-top of your washer, and be sure to measure front to back and side to side. If your machine requires a readjustment, consult your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to alter the appliance’s feet.

Broken Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers in your washing machine help dampen the vibrations caused by the appliance’s spin cycle. If your machine is shaking more than usual and you’ve eliminated an unbalanced load or a leveling misstep, the absorbers are a likely suspect. To determine whether or not this is true, it’s best to give your 5 star local San Antonio appliance repair company near you a call.

If you’re concerned with your washing machine’s performance, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you. We specialize in Samsung, Whirlpool, GE and many other major kitchen appliance brands on the market today.  Our team is trained directly from the major appliance manufactures several times per year.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties for all your washing machine issues today.

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