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Appliance Repair Tips: Is it Caused by a Malfunction

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Appliance Repair

What causes freezer burn? Hint: your freezer isn’t broken.

When an appliance isn’t performing properly, homeowners instantly believe the machine is malfunctioning due to a faulty part. While this is often the case, there are, however, certain situations where an appliance’s efficiency is lacking for other reasons. The information provided below will help you differentiate between a machine that is in need of appliance repair and one that can be fixed by simply cleaning or adjusting your operating procedure.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties for all of your appliance service needs today in San Antonio.

Your Dryer Takes Too Long

Belief: The appliance is wearing down and will need to be replaced soon.

Reality: The lint build-up in your machine is restricting its airflow which is causing your appliance to dry at a much slower rate. Cleaning your dryers venting system, from the appliance’s interior all the way to the vent cap, is a maintenance procedure that must be performed once a year. Not only will this keep your machine’s drying time down, but it also decreases the risk of your dryer catching fire during a cycle.


Belief: The thermometer in your freezer is malfunctioning

Reality: Freezer-burn is caused by storing improperly packaged food in your appliance. When a package is not air-tight, the item inside can become dehydrated which is why a thin layer of frost forms on your food. To rectify this issue, simply use air-tight containers or specially made zip lock bags to store your food. Fortunately, freezer-burn does not make your food inedible, although most feel it does alter the taste.

Cloudy Glassware

Belief: The dishwasher is not thoroughly cleaning your dishes.

Reality: If your dishwasher is consistently producing cloudy glasses, hard water is most likely your culprit. Purchasing testing strips from your local hardware store allows you to properly asses the condition of your water. If you find out your home has hard water, you will need to install a water softener which should eliminate the constant cloudiness of your glassware.

If one of your appliances is malfunctioning in San Antonio and you need local appliance help, your in need of appliance repair and you are unable to pinpoint the problem, please contact us today and our local repair technicians in the yellow booties we’ll be happy to help.


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