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Appliance Repair Pros in Texas Discuss Why Chicken Often Bakes Unevenly

Appliance Repair San Antonio and the baked chicken.

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Most range vent hoods, no matter how fancy, have only a handful of vital components, so if your hood is making obnoxious sounds, the source of the problem should be easy to locate.

Have you ever spent hours making what’s supposed to be a mouthwatering chicken dish only to discover later that your masterpiece is half baked? If so, don’t toss in the Crocs, chef hat and waist apron just yet. The culinary disaster may not be entirely your fault. The oven you relied on so much during the baking process could actually be an accessory to the crime. So lean in close as our appliance repair technicians provide some crucial information that may help build your defense:

When it comes to producing half baked chicken, there are only a limited number of things that may be blamed on the chef. One of them involves removing the chicken from the fridge or freezer and placing it directly into the oven. It should always be allowed to thaw and reach room temperature first. Afterward, the chicken may need to be cut, trimmed, butterflied or pounded out until all of the pieces are of equal size. But the work obviously doesn’t end there. It’s important to place the chicken inside of a dark pan, adjust the oven’s racks and preheat as directed. In addition, you’ll want to leave the oven door shut too.

If you’ve done all of those things and more, the cause of the problem most certainly rests with the oven. It could be that the appliance’s interior has hot or cold spots. They could be the result of a damaged baking or broiling element. Thermostats, igniters, sensors, convection motors, insufficient ventilation, calibration issues and control boards may also share some of the blame.  Some quick trouble shooting could help cook that perfect chicken.

One quick way to find out is to preheat the oven and fill a large cookie sheet with bread crumbs, sliced bread, croutons or white coconut. Next, pop the sheet into the oven and watch its contents brown. It they brown unevenly, let our appliance repair technicians know. We’ll help determine which components are at fault and repair or replace them. To learn more about why hot and cold spots develop, please contact our local appliance repair pros near you today.


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