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Appliance Repair Pro Talks about Egg Shells, Ice Cubes and Wives’ Tales

San Antonio Appliance Repair Talks  about Wives Tales

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Old wives’ tales about DIY appliance repairs have been around for centuries. Although many of them have been openly debunked, there are a few that people hold on to them all the same. Good examples are those tales told by storytellers who insist stuffing egg shells and ice cubes down a garbage disposal will sharpen blades, making the machines operate like new again. The reality is today’s machines don’t contain blades at all. Instead, they have what our appliance repair experts call impellers and plates. They’re essentially dull components that are used to run appliances which rely on centrifugal force, not blades, to do all of the dirty work.

So why do people still insist that egg shells and ice cubes are the cure for what ails friends and neighbors’ garbage disposals in San Antonio? We can’t really say. What our appliance repair pros do know with certainty is there are proven ways to keep garbage disposals in tip-top shape and that’s no wives’ tale. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is a great way to start. And periodically cleaning the machine is a smart move too. For that’ we’d suggest using a simple mixture of baking soda and hot water.  Anything else could cause you to start looking for appliance repair services in San Antonio.

As for those eggs shells and ice cubes, save them for the compost bin if you must. Sure, you could technically put them into the machine. However, unless your home has tremendous water pressure to keep the shells moving, there’s a good chance that they’ll eventually contribute to plumbing problems. The same may be said for other materials that take a while to break down. That’s why we’re recommending that you opt to toss them in the compost heap instead. They certainly won’t create clogs over there and you may be able to amend your home’s soil with them later.

To speak with a local appliance repair San Antonio pro and debunk other wives’ tales that may be causing your home’s equipment to act up, please contact us today.  If you are searching for appliance repair in my area, look to the guys in the yellow booties.


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