dishwasher repair, appliance repair

Appliance Repair: Why Get Heated Under the Collar Over Hot Water Dispenser Woes?

San Antonio Appliance repair water dispensers.

dishwasher repair, appliance repair

If your kitchen water dispenser isn’t keeping the appropriate temperature, start by checking the thermostat to make sure that it’s set at the right temperature for your family’s needs.

Has the cold/hot water dispenser in your home’s kitchen started acting up again? Perhaps the water isn’t keeping temperature or there is no pressure to speak off. Maybe your dispenser is making odd noises or leaking water all over the kitchen too. Either way, our SoBellas home appliance repair team would love to help make all of your kitchen equipment problems vanish into thin air.  Call your local appliance repair guys in the yellow booties today for same day service in San Antonio, Texas.  SoBellas will service your washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and oven.  What appliance are you having problems with?

If the appliance isn’t keeping the cold or hot water at the right temperature, try tweaking the thermostat setting first. It could be that the factory setting is not appropriate for your family’s particular situation. Next, check the water dispenser’s power supply. Sometimes a dispenser’s internal or external breaker causes the heating or cooling elements to lose power. Should that be the case, try resetting them. If they quickly shut off again, don’t try to reset them until our cold/hot water dispenser experts have a look at the unit. It could be that the dispenser’s elements or wiring need replacing.

As far as the cold/hot water dispenser’s pressure levels go, they could be affected by several things too. For starters, the dispenser’s inlet and outlet valves could be broken, clogged or kinked. The problem could also stem from a house wide or external water pressure issue. Whether you have public water or a private well, those problems will need to be handled by a plumber. Our appliance repair pros, on the other hand, can take care of the dispenser’s interior plumbing issues for you. The same may be said for leaks originating from the appliance itself.

To have an expert address your home’s hot water dispenser problems, please contact our local refrigerator repairman appliance repair company today. We can send someone familiar with your particular dispenser to your home, at your convenience, and have them do some appliance troubleshooting and repair in San Antonio.
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