dishwasher repair, appliance repair

Appliance Repair: Is Your Dishwasher’s Soap Dispenser Acting Up?

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dishwasher repair, appliance repair

Dishwasher repair

Everyone raved about the big spread and now you’re ready to load up the dishwasher and serve the after dinner coffee. Only there’s one snag in your food service plans. The darn soap dispenser seems to balking at having to go back to work yet again. So you walk away in hopes of dealing with it later. When that opportunity comes, give our GE appliance repair experts a jingle for same day service appliance repair .

We have experience putting soap dispensers back into commission. As a rule, there are at least a dozen different parts that could be causing the dispenser to act up. For example, it may be the dish dispenser lever, container, cover, door spring, latch, actuator or pin. The glitch could also rest within the dishwasher’s wax motor or the appliance’s circuitry. But the problem doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are times when the detergent, water temperature and dishwasher’s settings are to blame.

It’s true. The dishwashing detergent that you’re currently using may be inferior from the start or it could have degraded over time. For instance, some powdered detergent may not have enough anti-caking agents. Others may have lost their effectiveness due to there being too much humidity in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s advisable to try replacing the detergent and altering both the water temperature and machine settings before calling in our appliance repair pros.

If they don’t resolve the dishwasher’s soap dispenser issues, we’ll be more than happy to have our pros thoroughly inspect all of the important elements we mentioned earlier. In addition, we can go over our cost cutting, preventive measures that may help you and your family too. They include our monthly maintenance agreement plans. To learn more about a dishwasher’s soap dispenser and why they sometimes need a local appliance repair technician’s touch, please contact us today for appliance repair in my area.


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