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Appliance Repair: Are You Having Difficulty Preheating Your Double Oven?

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Oftentimes, when double ovens won’t heat up in ten minutes’ time, the bake element is to blame. Avoid the frustration and call us.

You’ve decided to prepare a multi-course meal in your built-in double oven. The recipes call for the oven to be preheated. So you set about making that happen then turn towards the other culinary tasks at hand. As you work on prepping the various dishes, it suddenly dawns on you that although it’s been running for more than 15 minutes, the oven never beeped. When you take a closer look, you realize that it still hasn’t reached temperature either. So there is really only one thing to do, call our local San Antonio appliance repair company.

Oftentimes, when double ovens won’t heat up in ten minutes’ time, the bake element is to blame. When that’s not the case, our oven experts will look at the built-in unit’s relay board, RTD sensor, wire connections and high limit switch. They may malfunction and stop the oven from reaching temperature in a timely manner too.

On the other hand, if the oven reaches temperature quickly but never emits that much sought after beep, other components could be at fault. For instance, maybe the oven’s Pal chip, plastic bushing, grounding wire, head assembly or VFD has failed. To find out, our appliance repair experts will most often put the double oven in diagnostic mode first.

A double oven’s diagnostic mode is designed to tip off appliance repair experts as to what may be going wrong with the unit’s internal components. It normally does that by sending a special code or codes to the double oven’s display panels. The appliance repair tech can then take those codes and begin in-depth troubleshooting from there.

To learn more about why built-in double ovens sometimes fail to preheat properly and make arrangements to have an appliance repair tech run one through diagnostic mode, please contact us today in San Antonio. We’ll send a reliable,  appliance repair diagnostic expert over right away.  Call on the guys in the yellow booties today for all your appliance needs.


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