Refrigerator repair

How to Handle 3 Common Refrigerator Repair Problems

How to avoid common refrigerator repair.

Refrigerator repair

How to Handle 3 Common Refrigerator Problems
Refrigerator repair

For how integral refrigerators are to our modern lives, there are a surprising number of things that can go wrong with them. It could be the compressor, the cooling fluid, simple dust buildup or need for a filter change. For the dozens of problems a refrigerator could be facing there are potentially hundreds of minor to major solutions. Fortunately, you don’t have to call a refrigerator repair service every single time your refrigerator makes a strange noise, just when the repair for an issue is above your DIY ability. There are plenty of fridge issues that (for the most part) can actually be easily dispatched by renters and homeowners eager to get their fridge back into working order without waiting for a professional to arrive and lend a hand. Here are three of these situations and what you can do to fix it.

1) Too Much Ice Build-Up

Overwhelming icy buildup in your freezer is a sign of fridge mismanagement or bad aging and needs to be curbed before the ice takes over your entire freezer leaving no room for frozen goods. Start by defrosting the freezer. A pain, we know, but necessary to remove all the existing ice which will otherwise act as a seed for new ice.

Next, as your freezer is cooling, set the temperature to only slightly below freezing rather than cranking it to the coldest setting which may well be overkill. Do your best to keep the space full with as little room for air as possible and keep humidity down with a fridge-box of Arm&Hammer baking soda. They actually make boxes with a little mesh screen to allow the powder to absorb ambient moisture without escaping and covering your freezer in baking soda.

2) Puddle of Water

There are two primary causes to water puddling around your refrigerator and both of them have to do, naturally, with the flow of water into and out of the unit. If your fridge has an ice maker and cold water dispenser, as most do these days, it will need a water line in order to make the ice and chill the water. Naturally, if something happens to this line, you wind up with water on the floor.

The first possibility is a blocked defrost drain which can get stopped up with debris and may be affected by clogging from other drains in your home. If defrost water buildup can’t flow out the drain, it will pool on your floor.

The second possibility is that the water supply is somehow clogged or frozen which may also be evident in the behavior of your icemaker and water dispenser. To solve this, start by switching off the water shut-off valve either for the fridge or for the entire house, this will prevent spraying. Next, detach the hose and check for ice or particle clogs. Clear, re-attach, and problem should be solved.

3) Doors Don’t Close Firmly might need refrigerator repair.

Among the most annoying refrigerator problems is an issue with the door. Each one of us was taught at a very young age to keep the refrigerator door shut for obvious reasons. Now, as adults, it’s nearly infuriating not to be able to close the fridge door when you mean to.

Stop and take a breather, then have a closer look at the rubber sealing strip around the edge of the door. If this is misshapen, discolored, or coming detached, these are all signs that the stip simply needs to be replaced. While that part is on order, you can help your fridge out in the mean time by extending the front two feet a tiny bit so that the fridge leans backward ever so slightly, encouraging the door to succumb to gravity and shut itself.

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