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Furnace Repair Pros Explain What Happens When Draft Inducer Motors Fail

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When the draft inducer motor in your furnace fails, you may end up with a gas odor in your home.

As our furnace repair team can attest, a home’s heating system has a lot of different components that may fail over time. One of them is a draft inducer motor. It is a central part of the system that can fail and cause the heater to shut off unexpectedly or never turn on at all. In addition, when it starts to intermittently malfunction, it can cause the furnace to make an awful racket.

At this point, you’re probably curious as to which function or functions the draft inducer motor is responsible for completing. In our furnace repair tech’s experience, it is primarily designed to help move air and exhaust fumes through a home or business’ heating system. For example, let’s say that your heater starts to cycle on. When it does, the draft inducer motor will do two things.

First, it will work in harmony with the pressure switch and help kick on the blower fan. Second, it will pull fresh air towards the furnace’s burner and expel any residual gases. The expelled gases will be sent into either a draft pipe or chimney and make their way outside. If the air around the burner isn’t refreshed, the furnace won’t stay on for very long and you could end up with a gas odor in your home or business.

However, many modern day furnaces come equipped with an automatic lock down mode that will confine the gas odors to one centralized area and prevent the heater from turning back on again until the problem is resolved. If that happens, our furnace repair team may be able to bypass the unit’s lock down feature, make any necessary repairs and turn the system back on in a jiffy. To learn about draft inducer motors and why they sometimes go bad, please contact us today. We can repair or replace brand name and after market draft inducer motors as well as other furnace components. Give us a call for all your questions on heating and cooling systems prices.  If your in Texas we have more information here on heating and cooling repair service.


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