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Appliance Repair Pros in Texas Discuss Why Chicken Often Bakes Unevenly

Have you ever spent hours making what’s supposed to be a mouthwatering chicken dish only to discover later that your masterpiece is half baked? If so, don’t toss in the Crocs, chef hat and waist apron just yet. The culinary disaster may not be entirely your fault. The oven you relied on so much during the baking process could actually be an accessory to the crime. So lean in close as our appliance repair technicians provide some crucial information that may help build your defense: Continue reading

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A Dryer Repair Service You Can Trust

A broken dryer is a huge inconvenience. You might wonder if it is even worth repairing. Some people figure it is worth just replacing a broken dryer instead of investing money in something which will not last much longer. At SoBellas Appliance Repair San Antonio, we can help you to see if a dryer repair is worth the cost. Often, if it is an older dryer, it will be built better than the newer ones and will therefore be worth the money you will save by not having to buy a new dryer. Continue reading

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Refrigerator Repair Pros in Texas Can Help Quickly Resolve Biofilm Woes

Unless you spend your working hours hunched over, intent on analyzing the contents of petri dishes, the presence of biofilm is not a good thing. It signals that somewhere inside of your refrigerator is a thriving community of bacteria that’s been slowly releasing its byproducts into the appliance’s water lines. The color of the material is generally a good indication of which bacteria may be present. However, most of the time it is best to have refrigerator repair professionals take Continue reading

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Pros Explain What Happens When Draft Inducer Motors Fail

As our furnace repair team can attest, a home’s heating system has a lot of different components that may fail over time. One of them is a draft inducer motor. It is a central part of the system that can fail and cause the heater to shut off unexpectedly or never turn on at all. In addition, when it starts to intermittently malfunction, it can cause the furnace to make an awful racket. Continue reading

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Steam Dryer Repair Pros Can Help Homeowners Iron Out Problems in San Antonio

It’s no secret that steam dryers remain in vogue across the nation. The benefits of steam drying are some of the primary reasons why the machines remain popular. One of the biggest is the ability to rediscover the joys of natural fibers while simultaneously being able to toss those handheld steamers, clothes irons and ironing boards to the curb. Of course, there are a few wrinkles that come with owning steam dryers too. Thankfully, our dryer repair technicians can help homeowners iron them out. Continue reading

Air Conditioning Repair

4 Tips on How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer – Air Conditioning Repair

Summer is only a few months away which means the time to prep your air conditioner is approaching at lightning speed. Waiting for that first hot day to start up your unit is never a good idea, instead you should give your appliance a thorough inspection a few weeks before temperatures begin to reach uncomfortable highs. Listed below are tips on how to get your A/C ready to combat those long, hot summer days and nights. Continue reading

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Residentail Air Conditioning Repair & Appliance Repair

SoBellas is a leading provider of Residential Air Conditioning, Heating and Kitchen and Laundry Appliance Repair. We know there are many service companies to choose from when you need help. With the best warranties in the business, call SoBellas to see why we are the best choice for your residential appliance repair and A/C repair needs in the area. It’s our goal to provide the most professional service possible. Our certified, bonded, and licensed technicians are drug free and background screened for your safety. If you are not 100% satisfied with the air conditioning or appliance repair service we have provided, we won’t stop until you’re happy or we will refund your money. If you need help, call SoBellas today to find out why thousands of San Antonio customers trust and highly recommend us! Continue reading

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Appliance Repair Tech’s Tips for Laundering Gasoline Soaked Clothes

During the cool months of the year, it is not uncommon for people to gather their own firewood and use wood stoves to heat their property’s outbuildings or primary residences. In the process, they may end up with gasoline and oil stained clothes from working with chainsaws, wood chippers and spliters. So our appliance repair technicians wanted to share a few cautionary words about laundering gas and oil soaked apparel:

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that gas and oil are highly flammable. That said, you can’t just toss them into your laundry room’s appliances with the rest of your family’s clothing. Continue reading