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Appliance Repair Pro Talks about Egg Shells, Ice Cubes and Wives’ Tales

Old wives’ tales about DIY appliance repairs have been around for centuries. Although many of them have been openly debunked, there are a few that people hold on to them all the same. Good examples are those tales told by storytellers who insist stuffing egg shells and ice cubes down a garbage disposal will sharpen blades, making the machines operate like new again. The reality is today’s machines don’t contain blades at all. Instead, they have what our appliance repair experts call impellers and plates. They’re essentially dull components that are used to run appliances which rely on centrifugal force, not blades, to do all of the dirty work. Continue reading

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Should I repair or replace my refrigerator? Appliance Repair

When it comes to the kitchen, the refrigerator is arguably one of its most important parts. It keeps your frozen food cold and your perishable food from spoiling before you have a chance to use it. A good refrigerator will work quietly in the background for years, but (like most appliances) it will eventually break down and need to be repaired or replaced entirely. Continue reading

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Dryer Repair, Why Not Wait Before Heading Out to Buy in 2017?

This time of year, many people head off in search of a replacement washer and dryer. Most are hoping to snag a deal on dryers advertised as 2014 models or close-outs. Although those deals can be super sweet, there is no need to rush headlong into a major purchase. This is especially the case because at SoBellas Appliance Repair, we have a knack for repairing old dryers. So, we may be able to fix your existing dryer and save you a bit of cash in the process. Continue reading

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San Antonio Refrigerator Repair Team’s Tips for Dealing with High Humidity

It’s normal for the humidity levels in San Antonio, Texas, to start to climb at this time of year. So, our refrigerator repair team in San Antonio wants to remind families to expect days where the humidity level is between 40 and 100% to have an effect on their home’s appliances. That said, here’s a rundown on which problems may crop up with the family fridge and what can be done about them: Continue reading

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Appliance Repair Tips: Is it Caused by a Malfunction

When an appliance isn’t performing properly, homeowners instantly believe the machine is malfunctioning due to a faulty part. While this is often the case, there are, however, certain situations where an appliance’s efficiency is lacking for other reasons. The information provided below will help you differentiate between a machine that is in need of appliance repair and one that can be fixed by simply cleaning or adjusting your operating procedure. Continue reading

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Appliance Repair: Are You Having Difficulty Preheating Your Double Oven?

You’ve decided to prepare a multi-course meal in your built-in double oven. The recipes call for the oven to be preheated. So you set about making that happen then turn towards the other culinary tasks at hand. As you work on prepping the various dishes, it suddenly dawns on you that although it’s been running for more than 15 minutes, the oven never beeped. When you take a closer look, you realize that it still hasn’t reached temperature either. So there is really only one thing to do… Continue reading

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Refrigerator Repair: Did Your Morning Shuffle End with Wet Feet and a Mop?

It’s early morning and you shuffle bleary eyed and barefoot to the fridge for your daily glass of orange juice. As you get close enough to put your hand onto the door handle, you suddenly realize that your feet are wet. When you look down in surprise, it’s evident that there’s a huge puddle of cold water on the floor and it starts at the base of the refrigerator. Continue reading

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Appliance Repair: Why Get Heated Under the Collar Over Hot Water Dispenser Woes?

Has the cold/hot water dispenser in your home’s kitchen started acting up again? Perhaps the water isn’t keeping temperature or there is no pressure to speak off. Maybe your dispenser is making odd noises or leaking water all over the kitchen too. Either way, our SoBellas home appliance repair team would love to help make all of your kitchen equipment problems vanish into thin air. Continue reading

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Appliance Repair and Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Your Stove’s Drip Pans

As you prepare your family’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, your stove’s drip pans can acquire quite the buildup of grease and burnt food. Unfortunately, that grime isn’t always easy to clean, especially if it’s been sitting for a few weeks or even months. If you’re looking for a natural and effective cleaning method to remove the gunk from your drip pans, the process provided below can help you achieve that goal. Continue reading