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appliance repair

Appliance Repair Pros in Texas Discuss Why Chicken Often Bakes Unevenly

Have you ever spent hours making what’s supposed to be a mouthwatering chicken dish only to discover later that your masterpiece is half baked? If so, don’t toss in the Crocs, chef hat and waist apron just yet. The culinary disaster may not be entirely your fault. The oven you relied on so much during the baking process could actually be an accessory to the crime. So lean in close as our appliance repair technicians provide some crucial information that may help build your defense: Continue reading

refrigerator repair

Refrigerator Repair Pros in Texas Can Help Quickly Resolve Biofilm Woes

Unless you spend your working hours hunched over, intent on analyzing the contents of petri dishes, the presence of biofilm is not a good thing. It signals that somewhere inside of your refrigerator is a thriving community of bacteria that’s been slowly releasing its byproducts into the appliance’s water lines. The color of the material is generally a good indication of which bacteria may be present. However, most of the time it is best to have refrigerator repair professionals take Continue reading

dryer repair

Steam Dryer Repair Pros Can Help Homeowners Iron Out Problems in San Antonio

It’s no secret that steam dryers remain in vogue across the nation. The benefits of steam drying are some of the primary reasons why the machines remain popular. One of the biggest is the ability to rediscover the joys of natural fibers while simultaneously being able to toss those handheld steamers, clothes irons and ironing boards to the curb. Of course, there are a few wrinkles that come with owning steam dryers too. Thankfully, our dryer repair technicians can help homeowners iron them out. Continue reading